General awareness is one of the most scoring and less time-consuming sections in competitive exams. It constitutes to be an important part of exams like RBI-Grade B, GATE, SSC, etc. Here are a few tips and tricks to crack this section:

1. Read Newspapers 

The first step to scoring well in competitive exams is to stay updated with events of national and international importance. This can be done by reading newspapers, current affairs-based magazines, important reports, and basic books like NCERTs. Pay extra attention to exam-specific topics. For instance, if you are preparing for the RBI Grade-B exam then go through the Business and Economics sections well.

2. Make Notes

The advantage of taking down notes in your own words is two-fold. It not only helps in retaining information for a longer duration but also helps you to revise the syllabus easily.

3. Know Something of Everything

Your carry bag can hold only 10 apples. To avoid going to the market the next day, you buy 10 more apples and stuff them in the bag. The bag breaks and you lose many apples. Similarly, there is a limit to what you can remember. The syllabus of competitive exams is vast. If you start reading everything in-depth, you will not only end up cramming a lot of irrelevant information but will also find it difficult to recall important details. Thus, go through all the topics but make concise notes.

4. Revise and Give Mock Tests 

When it comes to the general awareness section of the competitive exams, Revision is the key to success. Make sure to devote at least 1-2 hours every day. To further strengthen the preparation, give current affairs-based mock tests on a regular basis. This will help you in analyzing your weak sections.  

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